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World Juggling Championships


at World Variety Championships, Paris


Edinburgh Festival

press reviews

What the Press have said about Rod's performances:

“A triumph! Bizarre, breath-taking … truly unique …”
Derren Brown

“Brilliant ... Pure Vaudeville!”
Paul O'Grady

“Wickedly funny and very, very clever”

The Herald

“One of Europe’s funniest and most innovative jugglers”

Venue Magazine

“An incredible juggling act”
The People

“Extraordinary juggling tricks”

“…but for me, beyond any doubt, it was Rod Laver who stole the show. He was both amazingly clever and very funny. The climax was when he, with his mouth, juggled half-a-dozen of the pesky little plastic balls. He called this routine his Oral Six.”

The Stage

“Rod Laver gets laughs and gasps as he performs a delightful and unusual juggling act involving spitting out numerous ping-pong balls.”

Manchester Evening News

“For variety we had the amazing Rod Laver, a circus performer who can do incredible things with ping pong balls. Pure variety, extraordinarily skillful, and very very funny.” 

Northampton Chronicle

“Our host for the evening was charismatic and entertaining, filling gaps with many mesmerising tricks involving ping pong balls. He played Beethoven's Ode to Joy with nothing but his mouth, the ping-pong ball and a case of gin bottles.”

Gloucester Citizen

“Absolutely outstanding! Laver presents us with juggling that’s far from ordinary. Using mainly mouth and ping-pong balls, Laver demonstrates uncanny, if slighting incredibly gross, feats of spitting accuracy and dexterity.”

Grumpy Gay Critic

“Rodney’s candid and humorous guidance as compere soon put a smile on my face that made my cheeks ache by the end of the show.”


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